Why A Rubber Truck Bed Mat Is Better Than A Bed Liner And Things To Look For When Buying A Mat

If you're worried about scratching the bed of your pickup truck, consider buying a rubber truck bed mat to use as protection. Rubber is an excellent material for a truck bed since it is durable and is resistant to damage from the weather. Here's why a truck bed mat is a better choice than a bed liner and some important things to look for when buying a rubber truck bed mat.

Why A Truck Bed Mat Is Better Than A Liner

A bed liner protects your truck too, but it is a permanent fixture on your truck. A mat gives you the ability to have protection in your truck bed when you need it, but you can also remove it when you want or when you want to sell your truck. If a mat is damaged, you can replace it with another one since mats aren't too expensive.

You'll need to find a way to repair a damaged truck bed liner or the look of your truck will be ruined. You may need to patch rips, paint the old liner, put a new liner over the old one, or strip the old liner off. Repairs can be expensive. Plus, the initial cost of a liner is usually more than a mat.

A bed liner usually covers the entire bed including the sides, and that might add a little weight to your truck that could potentially affect your gas mileage. A mat is usually smaller so it weighs less.

What To Look For When You Buy A Truck Bed Mat

An important thing to look for is whether the mat comes with a tailgate mat. These usually have to be bought separately, and you may want one so you can slide things you haul all the way to the end of the tailgate.

Another thing to check is how the mat has to be installed. Rubber truck bed mats are heavy, so they can lie flat in the bed and not move around. Other mats are screwed in place, and you may not want holes in your truck. Plus, a mat that isn't screwed is easy to take out for cleaning or to dry out after it rains.

When you shop for a rubber truck bed mat, you can choose one that fits in any truck that you cut down so it fits, or you can buy one that's shaped to fit the model truck that you drive. You may also want to ensure the back of the mat is designed in a way that allows rain to drain away so you don't have to worry about moisture being trapped and causing rust in your truck.